Free V2Ray Vmess Server South Africa

Free V2Ray Vmess Server South Africa ZAP 2

This V2Ray Vmess Server location in South Africa with daily account limit 50. Total Tunnel accounts created today on this server are 0 accounts and total accounts created on this server is 8011 accounts.

Please don't use Torrent, DDoS, Spamming and any illegal activity with our server!
  • Host:
  • V2Ray Port: TLS 443, HTTP 80
  • Protocol: Vmess (ws)
  • Limit Acc: 50
  • Active: 3 Days
  • Normal Path: /opentunnel?user=username
  • Clash Path: /u/username
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Avg. Transmit
2.49 Mbit/s
Avg. Receive
2.17 Mbit/s
Total Transmit
1306.16 GB
Total Receive
1374.09 GB