Free Trojan VPN Server Hong Kong

Free Trojan VPN Server Hong Kong HKE 1

This Trojan VPN Server location in Hong Kong with daily account limit 50. Total Tunnel accounts created today on this server are 16 accounts and total accounts created on this server is 8560 accounts.

What is a Trojan VPN?

Trojan is an unidentifiable mechanism for bypassing GFW. When a trojan client connects to a server, it first performs a real TLS handshake. If the handshake succeeds, all subsequent traffic will be protected by TLS; otherwise, the server will close the connection immediately as any HTTPS server would.
Please don't use Torrent, DDoS, Spamming and any illegal activity with our server!
  • Host:
  • Trojan Port: TLS 443
  • Quota: 20 G
  • Limit Acc: 50
  • Active: 30 Days
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Avg. Transmit
74.88 kbit/s
Avg. Receive
0.70 kbit/s
Total Transmit
2558.91 GB
Total Receive
2561.25 GB