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Free OpenVPN Singapore

Free OpenVPN Singapore SGA 2

This OpenVPN server location in Singapore with daily account limit 500. Total Tunnel accounts created today on this server are 0 accounts and total accounts created on this server is 43181 accounts.

You can use this server for OpenVPN. This server uses ports 80, 443 for TCP protocol and ports 1194 for UDP. You can also use the ports 8080, 8000, 3128 for Squid Proxy.

What is a OpenVPN?

OpenVPN is an actual tunnel, connecting a user's VPN to a VPN server in another country. OpenVPN relies on 256-bit Open SSL encryption to secure your data, which is military-grade encryption
Please don't use Torrent, DDoS, Spamming and any illegal activity with our server!
  • Host:
  • TCP Port: 80, 443 SSL 8880, 4443
  • UDP Port: 1194
  • Quota: 13 G
  • Squid: 8080, 8000, 3128 Privoxy 5555
  • Active: 30 Days
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Avg. Transmit
14.03 Mbit/s
Avg. Receive
19.93 Mbit/s
Total Transmit
58943.44 GB
Total Receive
60486.89 GB

Why should I use a VPN for crypto trading?

Cryptocurrency trading has become increasingly popular, attracting investors and enthusiasts worldwide. As the digital asset landscape expands, the need for secure and private online transactions becomes paramount. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have emerged as valuable tools for crypto traders seeking enhanced security, privacy, and accessibility.


Here are several reasons why using a VPN for crypto trading is beneficial:

  1. Security Enhancement: Cryptocurrency transactions involve sensitive financial data. VPNs encrypt your internet connection, providing an additional layer of security against potential cyber threats. This encryption helps protect your wallet credentials, transaction details, and other critical information from unauthorized access.
  2. Privacy Protection: VPNs shield your online activities by masking your IP address. This ensures that your crypto transactions remain confidential, reducing the risk of identity theft and preventing third parties from monitoring your financial behavior.
  3. Bypass Geographical Restrictions: In some regions, access to certain cryptocurrency exchanges may be restricted. VPNs allow traders to bypass these geographical limitations by connecting to servers in different locations. This ensures uninterrupted access to a broader range of trading platforms.
  4. Avoid IP Tracking: Some cryptocurrency exchanges may employ IP tracking to monitor user activity. A VPN helps prevent such tracking by masking your real IP address, preserving your anonymity and ensuring a more private trading experience.
  5. Access to Global Markets: Cryptocurrency markets operate 24/7, and traders may want to access exchanges in different time zones. VPNs allow users to connect to servers around the world, providing access to global markets and the ability to react to market movements at any time.
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